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Our real estate media packages offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services, including professional photography, videography, aerial footage, virtual tours, and more, to help real estate professionals showcase their properties and attract potential buyers.

HDR Real Estate Photography

Enhance the vitality of your property listing images through captivating HDR photography. Whether capturing the interior or exterior, HDR shots will highlight your property’s charm in ways conventional photos cannot achieve.

Real Estate

High Quality Ariel Photography

As certified drone pilots endorsed by the FAA, our skilled professionals offer years of expertise in capturing exceptional UAV real estate videos and photos, providing a distinctive edge to your property listings.


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HDR Photography

We take great photos of your property from different angles, inside and out, using advanced techniques like hand-blended HDR. This ensures your listing looks fantastic and showcases all its features.

Listing Videos

Elevate your listing with captivating videos that showcase the property! Our videos, featuring a dynamic blend of standard and drone footage, not only enhance your listing but also serve as a powerful asset for social media promotion.

Aerial Photography
we specialize in capturing awesome aerial shots that showcase your property from a creative perspective.
Twighlight Photography
Are you ready to elevate your property’s allure during the twilight hours? Book a photoshoot today!


BDH Company's real estate photography in San Diego is exceptional, featuring vivid HDR photos, captivating drone shots, and expertly crafted listing videos. Their Social Media Reels and immersive 3D Matterport scans elevate online engagement, making them the go-to choice for comprehensive real estate services in the area.

Justin A.

"Thrilled with BDH Company's real estate photography services in San Diego, their HDR photos, aerial drone shots, and professional listing videos showcase properties with excellence. The addition of Social Media Reels and immersive 3D Matterport scans enhances online appeal, making BDH Company the premier choice for comprehensive real estate marketing."

Michelle P.

"Elevate your property's visual appeal with BDH Company's real estate photography in San Diego. Their standout HDR photography, aerial drone views, and compelling listing videos are complemented by engaging Social Media Reels and immersive 3D Matterport scans, making BDH Company the trusted choice for comprehensive and captivating real estate marketing solutions."

Mike D.

"BDH Company excels in San Diego's real estate photography scene, offering dynamic HDR photos, captivating drone imagery, and expertly produced listing videos. With Social Media Reels and immersive 3D Matterport scans, they redefine property marketing, ensuring a competitive edge for listings in the vibrant San Diego market."

Sarah M.

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